REPORT: What Research Has Been Done on Fresno?

Despite Fresno being ranked as one of the least LGBTQ-inclusive cities in California, little research has been done on what issues are specifically faced by the community. As such, LGBT Fresno has released a report that condenses and summarizes the research that has already been conducted. While there are over a hundred pages of reports and studies conducted, much of the Fresno-specific research only focuses on housing and healthcare, despite there being several other issues in the community. The goal of our report is to help guide future research and see what data still needs to be collected.

The report can be found below:


  • Shrey Raju

    Shrey Raju is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. With a passion for politics, philosophy, and LGBTQ+ activism, Shrey aims to effect change through his writing, keeping people informed on current issues and igniting conversations to inspire change. Outside of the organization, he is also an avid debater, researcher, and advocate at his local school.

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